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CTA-seminar: Employee recognition and well-being at work

Tid: 2017-09-06 15:00 -- 2017-09-06 16:15
Plats: Niagara, rum NIC0826
Målgrupp: Forskare, praktiker, studenter

Academics and practitioners often argue that it is key for peoples’ engagement to feel recognized for who they are and what they do at work. An appreciative work environment, they argue, reduces stress and enhances employee motivation by giving people much needed self-affirmation. While there are many popular management accounts that promote employee recognition (e.g. giving awards or praise), there are only few in-depth studies on the topic. Presenting insights from an ethnographic study of an organization’s effort of building up a “culture of recognition”, this talk provides a more detailed account of recognition at work. It explores questions such as: What forms of employee recognition can be distinguished, and how do they play out in practice? What is the role of management in building up a recognizing work environment? And overall: How can employee recognition contribute to enhanced well-being in contemporary work organizations?

Anna Pfeiffer holds a PhD in Organization Studies from Lund University. She is an independent work-life coach and has been teaching in the field of gender and leadership at DIS Copenhagen.

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