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GPS Seminar: When the Fascist Baby-Hawk became Full-Fledged

Tid: 2017-04-05 13:15 -- 2017-04-05 15:00
Plats: Department of Global Political Studies, Lounge room, 9th floor, Niagara building
Målgrupp: Open to all

Welcome to the GPS Seminar "When the Fascist Baby-Hawk became Full-Fledged. The story about five Swedish fascist's trip to the Nuremberg Rally 1929 - and the formation of a fascist intellectual".

With Victor Lundberg, PhD, GPS and Discussant: Christian Fernandez, Associate Professor, GPS.

The paper deals with the eventful trip five young Swedish fascists did to Nuremberg in Germany, in July-August, 1929. Striving to take part of the massive Nazi-propaganda events at the Nuremberg Rally, they drove over 1500 kilometers by car throughout northern and central Europe. After five eventful days on the road with machine breakdowns, drunkenness and fights, they arrived in the medieval Bavarian town and all together with tens of thousands of fascists from all over Europe, they ate and drank, sang and discussed, marched and fought. From a summary perspective, this paper analyse the historical roots of Fascist and Nazi street violence in Europe and how this anti-democratic, authoritarian and bloody-minded social practice was legitimised and intellectualised.

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