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Seminars and workshops with Nicholas Blomley

Tid: 2017-06-22 10:00 -- 2017-06-22 18:00
Plats: Niagara
Målgrupp: All interested

Nicholas Blomley is Professor of Geography at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) and a key gure in the emerging eld of legal geography. He has publis- hed widely on a diverse set of topics involving property law and relations, including gentri cation, urban gardening, the municipal regulation of pan-handling, and indi- genous-state land treaties. Currently he’s involved in a research project on the use of ’area restrictions’ included in bail and sentencing conditions. He is also part of a large collaborative project exploring the liquidation of Japanese-Canadian property after WWII. List of publications

You are invited to take part in one or several of the following events:

I. Research Seminar

When: 10–12;
Where: room NIC0826

R2NBE: common right and the urban poor
The commons has become widely and often loosely invoked in debates about the city. In this paper, I try to provide a sharper focus, drawing on the work of CB Macpherson, who de nes common property as the right to not be excluded (R2NBE) from the use or bene t of a resource, placing this in dialogue with contemporary struggles in a gentrifying neighbourhood in Vancouver. I suggest that the conversation between the two supplements and sharpens our thinking about common property in several senses, directing us to the exclusionary logics of private property, the multiple ends and mea- nings of property, a conception of commoning as productive of a relational ethic of shared space, and the need to recognize property’s territorial dimensions.

Please contact peter.parker@mah.se for registration, this will make it simpler to book an appropriate room and coffee.

II. Research Workshop on Urban Property

When: 13–15;
Where: room NIC0826

This workshop is related to the research platform ”Shifting Conceptualizations of Property in Sweden” (see http://mah.se/property for a description). Participants are encouraged to brie y present and discuss research interests related to conceptions of property. The workshop will explore connections among researchers locally and hope- fully also with on going international research.

Please contact peter.parker@mah.se for further information and to register for the workshop.

III. Workshop on legal geography, social justice, and homelessness

When: 16–18
Where: Room NIC0929

The session is an open and conversational research seminar for doctoral students in the Migration, Urbanisation and Societal Change (MUSA)-program and others with an interest in law and geography. Participants are invited to present and discuss ongoing research and activist work. Food and drinks will be provided.

Please contact maria.persdotter@mah.se for information and to register for the workshop.
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