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The Migration Seminar: “Remixed”? Factors affecting intermarriage of multiethnic people

Tid: 2017-05-18 14:15 -- 2017-05-18 16:00
Plats: Lounge room, 9th floor, MIM, Niagara, Nordenskiöldsgatan 1, Malmö University
Målgrupp: all interested in research

Welcome to a paper seminar with Nahikari Irastorza, PhD Willy Brandt Research Fellow, MIM, Malmö University. 


Title: “Remixed”? Factors affecting intermarriage of multiethnic people

This paper analyzes the marriage patterns of multiethnic people in Sweden. Whereas the probability of people from different ethnic groups to intermarry has been widely examined, few researchers have analyzed how parental patterns of intermarriage and intra-marriage may influence their children’s marital choices. The first challenge when looking at mixed-raced or multiethnic people’s marriage patterns is to reach some consensus on what intermarriage means for them. Do they intermarry when they choose partners who do not have identical ethnic or racial backgrounds as themselves? In other words, is a couple comprised of a Swedish-Chilean multiethnic partner and a Chilean partner living in Sweden conceived as being mixed or is it considered as a homogeneous couple? Finally, what other factors affect mixed couples’ choices for intermarrying versus intra-marrying? Based on Swedish register data from 2007 this paper addresses the questions asked above. 

The seminar will be held in English. 

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