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The Nightingale Mentoring Network

boy hugs globe näktergalen

Näktergalen har stått modell både nationellt och internationellt och finns Idag på 24 orter och universitet runt om i Europa och även i Uganda, Afrika. 

Alla partners deltar i The Nightingale Mentoring Network, som drivs av Näktergalen vid Malmö högskola.

Do you know that if we were able to go by a helicopter all around Europe and into Uganda, you will see more than 1000 mentors from various colleges and universities meet one child each every week.That means more than 2000 persons - meetings between those who otherwise wouldn´t have met.
Meetings where mutual learning takes place, where knowledge about each other develop and where you get access to each other's worlds.  

Watch this film about Nightingale https://vimeo.com/159469535 

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