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The "Second Hand" Housing Market

It can be tricky to get a student apartment in Malmö. As an alternative, you can look for a subleased apartment or room on the so called "second hand housing market".

To sublet an apartment means to rent an apartment or part of an apartment from a tenant, instead of renting directly from the landlord. This means that the landlord has a primary contract with the tenant, and the tenant has a secondary contract ("second hand contract") with you.

If you sublet somebody's apartment, please note that your arrangement must be approved by the property owner if it is a rental apartment or the "bostadsrättsförening" if the apartment is privately owned. If you don't have an approval, you risk being evicted without warning.

The original tenants' home insurance does not usually cover damage that you cause. To avoid unnecessary costs, contact your current home insurance company for its insurance policy or get insurance of your own.


How much the rent costs is depends on whether the current tenant owns or rents the apartment they wish to rent out second hand.

  • If you are subletting a rental apartment it is the landlord that determines the rent. This means that you should pay the same rent as the original tenant does. If the apartment is rented furnished you usually have to pay an additional 10%.
  • If you are subletting a privately-owned house or apartment the rent is set to the equivalent of 4% of the market value with an additional cost that covers a monthly fee to the housing cooperative group. If the housing is furnished you usually have to pay an additional 10%.
  • As a lodger, you rent a part of someone's home, where you usually have your own room and share the common spaces with the primary tenant. When you rent a room it is usually furnished. The rent should be a percentage of the primary tenants monthly housing cost, usually about SEK 2 800 - 3 500 per month.

NOTE! Malmö University does not recommend students pay a deposit larger than one month's rent - pay only in connection with signing of a lease/contract.  




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