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Giving back to the city earns student a Global Swede award


It was time for one dedicated international Malmö University student to step into the limelight after winning a Global Swede award in honour of her contribution to the entrepreneurial spirit of Sweden.

Global Swede_2017

Grace Uribe, who is studying on the Leadership for Sustainability Master’s Programme, travelled to Stockholm where an award ceremony was held for the 22 winners.

“It was a big surprise for me, I really did not expect it and feel totally honoured,” said Grace, who comes from Bogota, Colombia.

Her degree programme had brought her into contact with many social enterprises in Malmö and it was that, along with the diversity of her class where fellow students hail from more than 20 countries, which inspired her to work on a number of initiatives.

Global Swede_2017_GraceAlong with a group of her classmates, she took first prize for a project as part of the global Climathon event. They proposed a method to utilise and facilitate empty rooms owned by a municipal landlord. Following on from that success, she collaborated on an initiative to bring a TEDx talk to Malmö, something which had not been done for four years. All her efforts have been inspired by her studies and with a focus to give back to the city.  

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Grace, who was nominated for the award by one of her teachers, said: “It was very cool going to Stockholm, firstly because we were the centre of everything. All the speeches were for us, the place was set for us and we were made to feel important – we even got to walk on a red carpet.

“It is nice to hear someone saying ‘okay, you’re doing a good job’. I had a tremendous feeling of gratitude hearing that. We were made to feel like we the ambassadors for Sweden in the future.

”The Global Swede concept, now in its seventh year, is that international students will come to act as ambassadors for Sweden and the institutes at which they studied, with the additional aim that they will become future contacts for Swedish industry across the world.

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Text: Adrian Grist

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