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For your studies

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Here you will find information that will be useful during your studies. You can also find links to some of the web services provided by Malmö University.

Quick links

Schedule and room booking (login required)
Exam registration (login required)
Print study certificate (login required)
Borrowing technology


Your schedule is online and you can find it via the KronoX app. Download the schedule to your phone via iCal.

Find your schedule


In your schedule you will also find your classroom. The name of the classroom is often a combination of letters and numbers.

Find your classroom

Book a study room

You can book a group room for your studies online or via the KronoX app.

Book a group room


Information on how to get a Multicard and how to change your password.



Here you will find information on how exams work and how to register for them.

Exams at Malmö University

Student rights and obligations

If you need to learn anything about your rights as a student, you can check out the pdf ‘Student Rights and Obligations at Malmö University’

Student Rights and Obligations at Malmö University

Read the full document ‘Student Rights and Obligations at Malmö University’ here

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