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Housing - Laws and Regulations

Rental laws in Sweden are quite strict but a key factor for safe housing is maintaining a good relationship with your landlord. The law and practice provides a good basis for agreement of all tenants.

Here is some general information for people considering becoming a tenant.


When you rent an apartment you should always sign a contract with your landlord (this also applies when you rent a room or somebody else's apartment). The contract should include the property name, address, the number of your apartment and other practical things. It should also include the size of the apartment, the current rent and the period length. The notice period should also be indicated.

NOTE! Your tenure in a student apartment may be attached to your academic credits.


Please note that all housing companies negotiate the rent for all apartments with the Union of Tenants (this includes student apartments). This happens every year, which means that your rent is likely to rise each year. If you feel that your current rent is to high, you can apply for a review from the Rent Tribunal.

Keep in mind that there may be additional costs to the rent that you can not influence, for example cost of broadband, electricity, etc. ..


You should always get a survey record, a signed authorization by you and by the housing company when you move in and move out.

If there are any damages or if the cleaning of the apartment is insufficent when you move out, you may be billed. The amount is usually taken from your deposit. 


You have the right to hang paintings and such on the walls to a normal extent. You may also paint and decorate the walls. However, if you paint the walls in an "extreme" colour, etc. you may have to restore the apartment to its original condition.


If you get repetitive disturbance warnings from your landlord/housing company, you may be evicted from your apartment. This includes disturbances caused by your guests - you are responsible from them.

This also applies if you sublet a room or somebody else's apartment.


Remember that you have to give notice to your landlord/housing company if there are any damages, deficiencies or presence of vermin, etc. This applies to your own apartment/room as well as the common areas.

For more information about vermin please look here

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