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Software and Webservices

Students at Malmö University have access to different software applications which can support studies, research and their own work, at home or at Malmö University. Conditions of the programs vary, and all software is not available for all user categories.

It's learning

The Universitys e-learning platform

Microsoft Office

Free for all students via Office 365


(formerly MSDN Academy Alliance ) software from Microsoft that can be used for education and research. 

Sunet Survey

A cloud based survey tool from Sunet available for students and staff.


This is a statistical software and is available for all staff and students.


A computer program primarily used for mathematical and technical calculations

Linguistic support programs

For reading and writing. 



Its Learning

Malmö University use Itslearning as an e-learning platform. 

Log in here

You use your Malmö University computer identity to log on to Itslearning. If you are new to Malmö University, you need both to have retrieved your computer identity and registered on your course to login. When both conditions are met, it will take about a day before you can log in. If you still have problems logging in after two days of that time, please contact helpdesk.

Problems logging in

If you have trouble logging into it's learning, one of the following could be the problem:

  1. You are not registered in your course.
    Solution: Contact your course secretary and ask to be registered. Or check Ladok Student to make sure you have registered.
  2. Your computer log is not working.
    Solution: Contact Helpdesk

Change Language Settings to English

Click on the file "Mina inställningar" and then click on "anpassa it's learning" - in the first field, change the language to English. Don't forget to scroll down and save your changes by clicking on "spara". Now the default language of it's learning will be English when you log in.


Microsoft Office


Students have, during their studies at Malmö University, access to Microsoft Office for home use on their computer, phone or tablet.

The software is made available via “Office365 Student Advantage” a free subscription service from Microsoft. 

Following software is included in the service:

  • Office 365 ProPlus for PC (Office 2013)
  • Office 365 ProPlus for Mac (Office 2011)
  • Office Mobile for iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Office Mobile for Android


To install Office, follow these instructions:

  1. Browse to http://portal.office.com

    Office webbsida

  2. Enter your computer id + @mah.se. 
    Example: ab1234@mah.se
    The service will locate the server

    microsoft login page

  3. Log on using your computer id + @mah.se / password 

    Microsoft login popup

  4. Choose preferred install language and either 32 or 64 bit and press install.

    Office apps and download

  5. Mac users
    First time you start Office 2011 a window like the one below will pop up.


    Choose to Log in with an existing Office 365 account and log in with your " computer ID + @ mah.se " and your password 

    Some users get up another step , where they must choose between Microsoft account or company's account, choose the Corporate Account.


On how many computers can I install Office?

Office365 Student Advantage include licenses for up to 5 different installations of the software. This includes Windows and Mac versions for desktops and laptops.You can also run Office mobile for android or Office mobile for IPhone on 5 units.

For example, if you install Office on one laptop and one desktop, two of you licenses will be active.If you uninstall Office from one of the computers you will also need to logon to http://portal.office.comand remove the computer to reuse the license.

How long can I use Office?

 Your Office Professional Plus license is void when you are no longer a student at Malmö University. When you open an Office application you when be notified that Office is no longer activated. If you wish to continue to use Office, you will have to purchase a full license version.

Who can help me install Office Professional Plus?

Due to the number of students using different platforms, IT-Service on Malmö University is unable to help with installations.Microsoft have made numeral support resources for installations available at office.microsoft.com/en-us/support/ and we recommend using those.

Why can’t I logon to Lync? 

Lync requires a license that is not part of the Office365 Student Advantage




Malmö University is a member of Microsoft Dreamspark. Students, researchers and teachers can download software for their own computers via Dreamspark.

Visual Studio, Windows 8, Visio, Access and Project are some of the programs that you can download. The Office package, such as Word and Excel, is not included. What programs you can download vary depending on the category at the Malmö University you belong to, eg staff or student.

Keep in mind that:

  • The software may only be used for education and research.
  • The software may not be used for administrative or operational purposes.
  • You only have to install the program on a computer, but the license is persistent so you may use the program even after you finish your studies or your employment at Malmö University

Log on to Malmö University Dreamspark. Use your Malmö University computer identity to log in.



Sunet Survey

Sunet Survey is a webbased survey tool for staff and students. Log in with your Malmö University computer identity to create an acount and you are ready to design your surveys. When you are logged in you will find how-to guides and a " Quick start video " where you can quickly learn the basic functions.

Log on here



Malmö University has a campus agreement with SPSS. Students may install the program on their idividual computers. The licence is valid for six months.

Students may download SPSS using UAG. 
1. Log on to UAG on: http://access.mah.se 
2. Go to: MAHFIL\Share\Campus\SPSS.

Licensnumber can be collceted in helpdesk och by calling 040-665 75 25.

Information on how to use SPSS is given by the teachers.



Log in with your MAH computerID at https://www.mathworks.com/

If this is the first time, you will need to create an account at Mathworks


Otherwise, you choose to log in with your existing Mathwork account


Logged in, you can choose to download the version of MATLAB you need


When you click download, an installation file is saved to your computer. Run the file and log in with your Mathworks account to activate a license. Keep in mind that you must have access to the internet throughout the installation process.

The license is only valid during your time as a student at the university. You will need to re-enable the license annually by logging in with your MAH account.

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