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Welcome to The Writing Centre!

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We are a academic writing resource to support you during your studies

Open for English support from August 29th to December 7th. The help in with English is ONLY available by booking an appointment. More information below or to the right.

Do you need strategies:

  • to cope with your studies?
  • to pass exams?
  • to understand what is expected of you?

Do you want:

  • to become a better writer?
  • to understand your teacher’s comments?
  • to understand why you didn’t pass an exam?

Here's how to book an appointment:

Log in to My Writing Centre Online 

  • Choose the schedule: Booking English with Adam, Fall 2017.
  • Click on the time you want to book (find the week, day, and time).
  • Fill in the information.
  • Click: Save Appointment. 

If you do not cancel your booking two hours before it is due, the system will stop you from making another booking. 

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