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International Master Programs

The International Master Program in Dental Science at Malmö University offers international dental professionals the opportunity to carry out qualified studies at the Faculty of Odontology leading to a Master of Dental Science (MDSc) degree. In addition to the 2-year master program we also offer a 4-year master program with advanced clinical training (specialist training). These programs are given only as commissioned education.

International Master Program in Dental Science, 2 years.

The purpose of the 2-year International Master Program is to provide students with advanced knowledge and skills in the major subject dentistry with special focus on a subarea. After taking the course, the student should be able to review scientific literature, to participate in planning and conducting research and development within the profession, to function as a resource dentist in the selected clinical subarea covered by the program, as well as be qualified for further postgraduate studies. 

The 2-year program is offered in CariologyMaterials Science and TechnologyOral and Maxillofacial RadiologyOral SurgeryOral Pathology, and Periodontology. Learn more >>

International Master Program in Dental Science - with Advanced Clinical Training, 4 years

The purpose of the 4-year International Master Program is to train the student to become a competent specialist in their field. This demands a thorough understanding of general biological principles and functions as well as comprehension of scientific principles. Critical, evidence-based reasoning is achieved through participating in and directing seminars and through literature studies related to the subject. Clinical skills are trained through treatment of a large variety of patients.

The 4-year program is available in EndodonticsOral ProsthodonticsOrofacial Pain/Oral MedicineOrthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry and Periodontology. Learn more >>

The Faculty of Odontology - Excellence since 1948

The Faculty of Odontology at Malmö University is one of the world’s leading institutes for dental education and research. It was established in 1948 and is regarded as one of the most influential centres of excellence in Scandinavia for oral and dental research. The high quality of both education and research has been maintained and improved over the years and has resulted in an institution with an excellent international reputation – including several awards and nominations. The Faculty’s international profile attracts staff and students from all over the world.

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