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Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics

Department of Materials Science and Applied Mathematics unites interdisciplinary education and research in four areas: media technology, engineering, mathematics and science.

At the department all activities are conducted in close collaboration with the community. Some examples of this are the internships and degree projects done in collaboration with businesses, co-production in joint research projects, and contract education for businesses and government agencies.

We also offer a pre-education: the Scientific/Technical foundation year programme. Furthermore, we have active research groups in materials science and applied mathematics, construction science, mechanical engineering and media technology.

Department of Media Technology and Product Development at the Faculty of Technology and Society at Malmö University.Collaboration & Innovation 

The university's mission includes not only education and research to interact with society. We shall also be a resource for the community in the same way as we see the region's businesses and organisations as a vital resource for our own development.

By collaborating across borders, we can raise the level of skills, come up with new ideas and ensure that our courses and study programmes are relevant.

At the department we have a stated ambition that all education and research should be done in collaboration with actors outside the university system. Whether you are an individual or represent a company, public service or non-profit organisation, you are welcome to contact us for further discussion. All you need is an idea - or the germ of an idea. We solve the rest together!

Contract Education
We can tailor programmes to the needs of individual activities or work groups. We also offer all or parts of courses available within our range of offered courses. We discuss the arrangement of the courses with you as a client.

Student Projects
Most of our courses and study programmes are project-based. There are great opportunities to collaborate with talented and knowledge-hungry students in everything from media technology to construction science. Students receive work experience and real problems to study, and your business gets a fresh influx of ideas and its problems solved.

Degree Project
Our goal is for all students to have the opportunity to do their degree projects together with actors outside the university system. This is an outstanding way for a company to engage with young people who are heading out into the professional world with a fresh degree.

Contract Research
If your business is in need of research efforts, our researchers can be partners.

Seminars and Workshops
We are happy to co-organise seminars, workshops and conferences on themes relating to our activities.

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