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Faculty of Education and Society

The Faculty of Education and Society is one of the largest teacher training facilities in Sweden with 3 800 full-year-students and 300 employees. The faculty offers vocational training in the fields of schooling but also of culture, leisure and sports.

The city’s population of 300,000 is represented by a culturally diverse mix of more than 170 nationalities. This diversity with an inherited international and multicultural quality is further reflected by the faculty and its student body.

Close collaboration with a great number of partner schools and organisations - including several international schools - makes it possible for international students to finish internships and/or to include extended periods of educational experience as parts of their studies in Malmö.

Student Health at Malmö University

Student Health Services

As a student at Malmö University, you have access to Student Health Services where we treat ailments or anything with a negative impact on your life as a student.

The staff at Student Health Services consists of counsellors, nurse/midwife and a public health planner. Individual counselling and support, medical advice and testing are provided, as well as information about additional alternatives and referrals. We also offer lectures, courses and group activities.

All staff at Student Health Services are governed by professional secrecy, and all our services are free of charge.

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