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Research at Malmö University

Research that makes a difference

Malmö University conducts multi-disciplinary research to meet the challenges of the future. The goal is that our research should contribute to the development of a sustainable society. As a result, our research is frequently pursued in collaboration with partners from outside the university.

Our researchers co-operate with the business community, the public sector and non-profit organisations in various areas such as research on social innovation, sustainable city-planning, biofilm and biological interfaces, the influence sports has on our society and on public transport of the future.


30 million to research into tooth and implant infections

The Knowledge Foundation has awarded funds for a research project into chronic oral infections. This is an area that offers immense potential and could be of considerable benefit for patients as well as the dental care system.

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City of Malmö

How to fight health inequalities

Between different districts in Malmö, the difference in average life expectancy is four and a half years for women and five and a half years for men. This was one of the reasons why the Commission for a Socially Sustainable Malmö was launched. Among the commissionaires were four professors of Malmö University.

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Barnhand + kräm

Objective: to stay just within the skin's protective barrier

How do you get a substance to penetrate the skin, a substance which can heal and do good? This is what Biofilms – Research Center for Biointerfaces at Malmö University is investigating in a new research project funded by the KK Foundation.

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