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Biofilms at interfaces

Oral microbiology

In any environment, macromolecules and micro-organisms have a strong tendency to associate with surfaces and form adherent microbial communities, so-called biofilms, which are now recognized as the cause of most infectious diseases. Our goal is to understand the mechanisms by which oral bacteria acquire virulence in biofilms and to identify key points of intervention in this process. We anticipate that our results will contribute to the development of future anti-microbials that target disease-inducing properties in biofilms instead of specific microorganisms.

Saliva reserach

Our main focus is the study of salivary pellicles i.e., the film of nanometric dimensions that forms immediately upon contact of saliva with almost any type of surface. Pellicles play an important role in the maintenance of oral health, they protect and lubricate oral surfaces. Our aim is a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying salivary lubrication. Another focus is the mechanisms underlying the protection offered by salivary pellicles against dental erosion and how this can be improved by complementing acidic beverages with anti-erosive compounds.


Bacterial proteases are a driving force for the inflammatory responses involved in both periodontitis and cardiovascular disease. Our aim is to develop advanced technological tools based on an array of biomarkers (bacterial proteases and inflammatory mediators) to aid the identification of individuals at risk of severe alveolar bone loss disease prediction and treatment of periodontal disease and associated inflammatory disorders.

Ongoing projects

Bacterial acid tolerance - a new target for fluoridated milk

Biomarkers and biotherapeutics for polymicrobial infections and inflammation

Hydration-Induced Phase Transitions in Surfactant and Lipid Films

Lipoprotein modifications by periodontal pathogens

Nano and micro scale characterization of coatings in relation to their functional properties

Novel biomarkers for oral health care

Novel ecologically-based treatments in dental medicine

Outside-in signaling in oral streptococci during biofilm formation and acid tolerance development

Regulation of Surface Protein Presentation on Streptococcus gordonii

Scattering in Confined and Sheared Geometries

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