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was established in January 2007 as a research institute at Malmö University. It is a vibrant Swedish centre for research on migration, diversity and welfare, while at the same time keeping a high international profile.
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Thank you!

To all our presenters, participants and occasional visitors, we wish to extend a warm thanks for contributing to the dissemination and exchange of knowledge and ideas at the Migration seminar. We wish you a pleasant summer and welcome back in September. The Migration Seminar Fall 2017 features not one but two Willy Brandt Professors(!), Ruth Wodak (Lancaster University and University of Vienna) and Maarten Vink (Maastricht University), and much, much more. See you after the summer!

Beint Magnus Aamodt Bentsen

New MIM working paper

17.4 Attitudes Toward Immigrants among Youth in Sweden. Does increased human interaction between individuals and groups in an ever more heterogeneous society breed attitudes that show greater tolerance or on the contrary to more perceived threats between the natives and the immigrants? In theory and in the public debate, the answer to this question varies. In this new working paper Ph. Student Beint Magnus Aamodt Bentsen shows eloqently and sympathetically enough that it is not necessarily an either-or question, in a study of attitudes amongst youth in Sweden. 


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