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was established in January 2007 as a research institute at Malmö University. It is a vibrant Swedish centre for research on migration, diversity and welfare, while at the same time keeping a high international profile.
MIM Academic Record 2016

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Symposium 16-17 November 2017

Twenty years ago the undergraduate program in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) started at Malmö University, Sweden. Over the years IMER programs have been developed to include the masters and PhD level. The Malmö Institute for Migration, Diversity and Welfare was established in January 2007 as a research institute at Malmö University. 
In 2017 MIM will celebrate the twentieth and tenth anniversaries with a workshop on:“Contesting the Populist Challenge: Beyond ‘Orbanism’ and ‘Trumpism’ and the Normalisation of Exclusion”. See the flyer.

New MIM working papers

We are happy to present to you all our new working paper. In 2016 Richey Wyver won the prize for the best master essay in the IMER field. He is currently doing his PhD in Auckland. And here we thus disseminate his important work as working paper in our working paper series. This was our nomination back then to which we added another new sentence: 

The essay explores the link between Swedish adoption industry and the post-colonial realities based on a highly independent and innovative use of theories. The essay as such is beautifully and passionately written, integrating throughout the study theoretical sophistication and empirically relevant material. The author uses deconstructive narrative analysis and the philosophical approach of critical realism to analysing three mainstream books on adoption in Sweden. The author successfully makes use of and develops the concept of mimicry in the analysis to bring forth the argument that you can be almost the same, but anyhow different. And exploring the ambiguities involved in the concept of mimicry, the author illustrates well how mimicry can transform into menace. 

Enjoy your reading!

WPS 17:7Working Paper 17:7 “Almost the Same, but not Quite”: Mimicry, Mockery and Menace in Swedish Transnational/-racial Adoption Narratives by Richey Wyver

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